Visual collaboration for creative works

Discuss on design & video pieces visually, track changes and prototype
together with your team and your clients.


Projects delivered. On time. No hassle.

Collect feedback visually
With in-context annotations on your creative works you'll get faster approvals. Get feedback on images, pdfs and videos from your clients and stakeholders.
App prototyping made easy
Create high fidelity prototypes of web, mobile and tablet apps without technical skills required. Design the greatest user experience and stop trying to explain how it works, show it instead!
Version control
Concept inbox stores all the versions of your creative works. Come back to a previous version at any time and avoid misunderstandings having everyone working on the latest one.
Keep everyone updated
Keep track of the process with advanced in-app and email notifications of your Projects' activity. Setup the notifications you want to receive.
Collaborate in real-time
Discuss your work with clients or stakeholders in real time and keep everyone on the same page. More effective than a real meeting.
Secured platform
We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure your data is encrypted and secured.
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Enterprise ready

Design is everywhere, so making design process more efficient is crucial for any corporation. Concept inbox for Enterprises has advanced features such as customization, enterprise class security, workflow & management tools and ad-hoc plans adapted to your needs.

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Reduce creative operations management costs
Clear & in-context feedback increases efficiency and results in direct ROI by cutting down deadlines on your product launches, presentations and marketing campaigns.
Validate ideas without budget, increase sales
Reduce IT and production costs by prototyping ideas easily without technical skills required. Increase your sales by using prototypes to pitch your proposals to customers.
Brand guardianship, Creative Team management
Use a central tool to receive all the digital assets from agencies and take control of your brand integrity. Set up your team and analyze the performance from project to project.

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