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Our biggest release ever. Welcome Concept inbox 3.0

Since the last version, we have been working hard to keep raising the bar and continue to improve our tool. We are now happy to announce some major features added to Concept inbox. We gathered suggestions and feedback from our users and listened to their needs! Remember, you can participate too!

Probably the most noticeable thing at first sight is the renewed user interface and dashboard. we made some changes so it is now cleaner and easier to use.
And apart from that, here are the big news:


Do you want to showcase a mobile application you have designed? Do you want to replicate the real interaction of your design? Create an interactive prototype in no time with Concept inbox.

Just upload your screens, select the clickable areas and link each of the screens. In seconds you will have a prototype that looks, feels and runs like a real app. More


A feature many of our users requested. You can now draw over an image kiwigambling and link that drawing to a comment. You can highlight areas of a design making your feedback even more accurate and spot on.


Another really useful addition. We have added real-time capabilities to the tool, so now the communication between you and your collaborators is even quicker than before. Collaborate remotely with your clients and every message gets updated immediately, and so does the revisions or new images uploaded.

We are sure you are going to like this new features. Stay prepared for the next updates, because we are not stopping here! And remember, we would love to hear from you, if you feel like something should be there in the app and it’s not, let us know.

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by bruno