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Magic of colors in marketing and advertising.

Did you know that wise use of colorant can improve recognizability of your brand by up to 80%!? Such a small thing can sometimes be crucial when it comes to success of your firm!
It is not a mystery nowadays, that colors have its secret meanings and influence on us. Those, who are at least a little interested in psychology of sales know, that colors are also very important in marketing and advertisement.

Experts says that colors can “make the brand”. Wise use of colorant can improve recognizability of the brand by up to 80%! Researches show that 26 out of 100 most prestigious firms took blue as their main color (Inel, Nokia, Samsung,Danone), which is btw. considered as color of trust and security. Next popular colors for brands are red (H&M, Coca Cola, Toshiba),  and black (Sony, Puma, Mercedes – Benz). Only 5 companies have chosen green which is most likely consider as health and nature. (Starbucks, Carlsberg).

It is very important before picking up the color for your firm to think about your field of expertise and your future clients. Every color means something different.

Such a small thing as colour can sometimes be crucial, when it comes to success of your firm. Think about it today! We hope that this ifographic below will be very helpful!  😀


by beata