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Our Seedcamp journey

Seedcamp is one the top accelerators in the world and attracts every year thousands of applications from startups that want to benefit from their seed investment but most importantly from the invaluable connections that they provide.

We were selected as one of the 20 startups that were going to participate in the Seedcamp Week London, the final event where just a handful of startups will make it to the SeedCamp Program.   

Seedcamp week London 2014 - Concept inbox

Monday morning, first day, we presented Concept inbox and the feedback, suggestions and ideas started flowing in. The team at Seedcamp are extremely experienced and knowledgeable so we took good note of everything we were being told.

We did some refinements and rehearsal late that day and on Tuesday, we had THE meeting. Fifteen minutes with the investors that would eventually decide if we were worth joining the program or not.  We overcame our nerves and answered every question the best way we could.

What followed then were probably the most exhausting yet worthy days we have ever had. We had our own table and mentors were joining us in groups of 3 or 4 every 45 minutes or so. We talked about our product, our business development plans, go-to-market strategy, distribution channels, growth, etc. World class mentors, who dug deep into what we do and questioned everything.

Seedcamp week London 2014 - Concept inbox

Every conversation was very interesting in one or another way but we really have to say that the second day was probably the most productive for us. It was the Product Day. The mentors were product people, but also founders, entrepeneurs and innovators. They understood our product right away and the problem we were solving. The ideas, feedback and suggestions were amazing and I filled page after page in my notebook.

I can tell you that we came back to Spain with an incredible amount of ideas to think about.

Everyday we were pitching. Both to present our product to the mentors and also in preparation for the final demo day. It was no easy task. Practice, practice and more practice. Changes every day based on the feedback we were given, and then more practice. The hard work paid off and Oscar delivered an outstanding pitch in front of a huge audience on the demo day. We were praised for our progress during the week. The other teams did some great progress too and the competition was fierce. And despite this “competition” thing going on, the vibe was very friendly and after going through all this effort we felt like family.

It has now been announced that only eight startups made it to the program. Sadly we are not among the chosen ones but still, the experience and the lessons learned was really worthy.

My utmost respect goes to every team that participated in the Seedcamp week because the effort they put into what they do is something worth admiring!

And also big thanks to the whole Seedcamp team: Carlos, Reshma, Hilary, Kirsten, Felix and Sia. Good work guys!

And, as for us, we are going to keep working on our project with renovated energy and high hopes.

See you all very soon! :-)

Seedcamp week London 2014 - Concept inbox

by bruno