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Concept inbox helps creative teams, start-ups and developers communicate and collaborate on creative works.
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Create awesome looking prototypes in just minutes.

Create high quality web, mobile and tablet app prototypes quickly and without any technical skills.
Don’t tell them, show them - design great user experiences without lengthy explanations.
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Bring designs to life
Turn your mock-ups, wireframes or static designs into fully interactive prototypes in minutes..
No coding skills required
Create stunning prototypes from your existing screen designs without coding. Visualize and share ideas in no time.
Faster iterations
Quickly prototype ideas and test them with your team and clients. Receive feedback and update versions until you get sign-off.
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Turn static images into interactive prototypes

Upload your own screen designs and start linking them together and adding animations with ease. Concept inbox allows you to bring your ideas to life and test them with your team and clients.

Formats supported: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, TIFF, PDF

Create prototypes for any device

Prototypes created with Concept inbox work within web browsers and most devices on the market are supported. Create prototypes for desktop, iPhone (including iPhone 6), iPad, or Android that can be opened directly on the device and that look like a finished app.
Add an icon to your prototype and allow users to install it on their home screen, just like a real app.

Touch events and gestures

Create hotspots to link screens together and apply touch events to them to create a realistic user experience.

Events supported: Tap/click, Double tap/double click, Swipe left, Swipe right, Swipe up, Swipe down and more to come.

Realistic animations

Apply realistic transitions to your prototype screens to give users the feeling of using the finished app.
Create fixed headers and footers. Your content will lie in between.

Transitions available: Instant, Push left, Push right, Pull up, Pull down, Flip left, Flip right, Dissolve

Easy sharing

Invite your team and stakeholders or send a direct link. Create QR codes for fast access from the device or embed prototypes on any website.

Collaboration and Feedback

Feedback, collaboration and version control features are also available for prototype screens, so the team and related stakeholders can test user experience and give feedback all in the same place.

For creatives

Create high quality prototypes to give your team and clients the feeling of using a real app.

For developers

Present engaging user experiences, test and iterate before writing a single line of code.

For product managers

Let potential users or investors try out the product on their devices, and embed prototypes on your website.

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