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Concept inbox helps creative teams, start-ups and developers communicate and collaborate on creative works.
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Real time collaboration on creative work.

Design is about collaboration, and facetoface meetings are sometimes necessary.
Concept inbox has redesigned how creatives can meet to collaborate online. In real time.

Keep everyone up to speed
Automated in-app and email notifications about your project activity.
Cut down on change requests
Most change requests come about from a lack of clear feedback, so it follows that if everyone gets concise feedback, change requests will go down, leading to faster approvals.
Reduce face-to-face meetings
Gather accurate and visual feedback and present your creative work in real time. Reduce the number of meetings and optimize the whole process.
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Activity feeds

Concept inbox automatically archives all project activity: comments, annotations, new files, versions added and much more.

Search within activity and filter by event type and project, saving time going through long email conversations.

Easy sharing

Invite your team and related stakeholders to join your projects and start collaboratiing in seconds.

Create direct download links for the files you want to share, create and embed prototypes in your online portfolio, create public projects and share the link on your website to get massive/anonymous feedback...the possibilities are endless with Concept inbox.

Asset management

Collaboration on creative projects requires exchanging multiple materials to get to the finish line. Briefings, scripts, inspirations, copywriting documents, fonts and a whole lot of etcetera.

Having them available when they are needed is crucial. With Concept inbox, everyone on the project can share files or links with everyone else without any hassle.

Live meetings and presentations

Everything in Concept inbox is updated in real time, and everyone can see who is connected to a project, follow their cursors and make live annotations and comments.

Comments and annotations are saved automatically so everyone can go back and check up on everything that you talked about during the meeting, including the ones you couldn’t attend. Eliminate time-consuming meeting minutes and keep everyone updated without any extra effort.

Team management

Manage all the people invited to your projects efficiently and set up permissions. Check on the whole team’s activity from one place.

Create teams/organizations for your different business divisions and manage team member and related stakeholder permissions.

For creatives

Gather clear feedback from your team and from clients, present your work in real time and get faster sign-off.

For developers

Track bugs, prototype, receive screenshot feedback, road test ideas and collaborate with designers.

For marketers

Give feedback, communicate and brainstorm together with the team and clients, in real time.

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